14 years ago today I said, “I do.”

I was pretty naive at 23 and thought I got a wonderful husband on that rainy May day.

What I didn’t realize is how much more I got.

I got someone willing to hold me when I cry.

I got someone who gets my humor (even if it’s the same joke ten years later).

I got someone who will stand by my side.

I got someone who always does the right thing (sometimes a little difficult for this pedal to the metal gal).

I got someone who challenges me in the pool and out.

I got someone who can take my vision and turn it into reality.

I got someone is who my computer genius (who stays remarkably calm when telling me “it’s control z” for the tenth time).

I got someone who loves me in the morning and at night.

I got someone who is an amazing father.

I got my best friend.

Thank you for helping me create our family.

Derek, I love you forever and ever…no matter what!

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