Spring Clothes…Not So Fast

I just spent the last hour looking online for some new capri pants and shorts.

I think I want to shoot myself.

Or maybe it’s everyone who writes on the clothing reviews that I want to hurt…

“I ordered a size 2 but it was so baggy I just had to send it back”


“I’m 5’10” 120 lbs and wear a size 4″


…”I thought this would be great to wear but it makes me look huge, even the XS was big.”

And don’t even get me started if I read about one more damn pair of skinny jeans.


Think I’m going to start looking at dresses and skirts now.



2 thoughts on “Spring Clothes…Not So Fast

  1. I believe that the key is to spend a little more on the basics…like the crop pants and also to shop for them in more traditional stores like Talbot’s or Chico’s (which has sizing of 1,2,3, and now does 1.5, 2.5, and so on..there pants have a little spandex-2 percent). Then when you find some that look good and feel good get a couple. Then accessorize with tops, jackets, jewelry. Everyone wears black pants, khaki, or jeans and no one knows the brands unless you are one of the kardashians.
    I spent too many years with my size 12’s hoping to return to them before the hurricane swept them away. Dress for today and donate the rest.

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