Just Wrong in Gymboree

Yesterday I was in Gymboree browsing through items near the cash register when I overheard the following conversation between two women.


“Oh, I see you finally got your little boy.”

“Yes, I am so excited to have him. After two girls this was a wonderful surprise.”

“I just had my son three months ago and I was so glad he was a boy.”

“I know what you mean. Girls can be so difficult. I was hoping and hoping this baby would be a boy. I didn’t want another girl. “

This woman’s two girls, about 4 and 7, were standing right next to her listening to this.

I wanted to walk over there, scream at that woman, and take her daughters with me.

Do not do that to them. Be thankful for them and let them hear that.

I’m wishing her a lifetime of “easy” with her little boy.

One thought on “Just Wrong in Gymboree

  1. I have heard many such comments through the years and it always makes me want to go into my women’s lib speech, “girls can be anything they want”. I always thought it would be so wonderful by now and in some ways women have great opportunities which my generation did not have, overall. However, in some ways I guess opportunities do not always lead to smart decisions by women. Today, the “trashy women” is more prevalent than ever and on some of these shows they are extraordinarily materialistic and bitchy to other human beings. And what you witnessed may be the reason we still have not had a women president–we do not believe our women have the “right stuff”.

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