Theme Park Appropriate?

There are certain do’s and don’t when it comes to theme parks for me.

I think this stems from the fact that we get there the moment the doors open and then walk around for the next 12 hours enjoying the attractions.

So for me, naturally tennis shoes and shorts are the number one “do” when them parking it up.

I thought this was a “do” for everyone but during our recent trip to Disney I discovered it is not.

For example, these shoes, while cute, seem to lack a little cushion for my legs…


I can’t really imagine where this look would be a “do.”


Again, I couldn’t walk for 12 hours in these…


Maybe if we had been at the pool or fought gladiators while we were visiting…


And finally the piece de resistance of inappropriate theme park wear…


O yes we did take that picture.

2 thoughts on “Theme Park Appropriate?

  1. 1st and 3rd are definitely Brasilian. I don’t know how they can wear such flat shoes all day with no support either!!

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