Olympic Party Food

A few days ago we decided to invite a few friends over for an Olympics watching party.

Since it was so last minute, I didn’t whip up any decorations but I did have a little fun naming the food we served.

I cut out little place cards and placed them by the food:

Meatball Subs = Shot Put Subs

Grapes = Volleyballs

Mini Pitas & Hummus = Discuses

Salad = The Parade of Nations

Strawberries & Marshmallow Dip = Bengay for your tired muscles

Long Thin Chocolate Cake = Canoe

Cake Cones = Torch Cakes (looked something like these).

Around blogland there has been lots of wonderful Olympic food ideas. Some of my favorites include Michelle Paige’s Flag pizzas , all of the desserts on Miss Candiquik (the weight lifting cookies are the best!), and all of the foods shown on Tip Junkie.

Can you turn your dinner tonight into an “Olympic Meal”  like I did for the party?

Go ahead and give it a try!

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