Piano Week

Andrew & Alex started piano lessons last week. In an attempt to add to their excitement, we had PIANO WEEK at our house.

What might you ask is Piano Week?

Well, it’s just a week of activities I thought up or found which dealt with music. This was an attempt to give a little structure to our summer days. The focus being on little.


Visited: a piano store and received a tour by a very enthusiastic employee

Created: Alex created a power point about John Williams while Andrew made a poster. I originally thought they would choose Beethoven or Mozart but once we stumbled upon John Williams there was no turning back. One morning we spent over an hour watching him conduct on You Tube.

Read Books: 1. Beethoven – A Value Tales book 2. Duke Ellington by Andrea Davis Pinkney  3. Ludwig van Beethoven by Eric Summerer  4. Keyboards by Wendy Lynch

Made: Thumb pianos – directions found here

Listened: to a Mixed Classical CD from Target in the car all week

Food: We ate SHARP cheese, ate BACHli (I’ll be honest – Derek and I are the only ones who ate the broccoli), talked about fish SCALES while we ate fish sticks, and planned to make cinnamon FLATbread but never got around to it.

We also made dessert PIANOS compliments of Alex. We used ice cream bars but white Kit Kats bars would make prefect piano keys.

Movies: We watched the movie Beethoven with Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt. Yes I know it has nothing to do with music but the kids loved it.

We capped off the week with a trip to eat ice cream at Braum’s (BRAHM). I wanted to finish up the week at a piano bar but Derek thought otherwise.

We had some LOWS and HIGHs during piano week but overall it was enjoyable. The boys have enthusiastically practiced piano everyday since their first lesson and can’t wait to find out what this week’s activities will focus on.

What fun things are you doing this summer?

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21 thoughts on “Piano Week

  1. very nice and so creative! Mom told me the piano is heading your way this week! Hopefully your kids will be more creative than any of us ever where.

  2. The piano heading your way will need a tuning so the boys will get to meet a piano tuner! Mom

  3. Neat ideas! John Williams has created some awesome music! Yes, Sam has wanted to spend all his time with the piano tuner when he has come to tune the past two years. Apparently it’s fascinating.

  4. You are so creative & such a good mom – I know the kids must have loved piano week!

  5. As a former music teacher I am impressed! And I may just do the same when my daughter starts lessons in a few years. Very nice!

  6. Well as their piano teacher …..THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! The boys did wonderful at their 2nd lesson this week! I wish all parents would show at least half of the interest in their kid’s lessons as you have shown!!!! What a great memory of their first week of piano lessons for them! They really did wonderful ! Did I give you my piano tuner’s name? He’s wonderful!!!! The kids would love him!

  7. Thanks for the treat idea! I can’t wait to make it with my kiddos. We make music everyday-great ideas!

  8. What a thoughtful, fun idea. Sometimes music lessons can be a hard sell, and you really made helped them to be excited about it! Love it. 🙂

  9. seriously you are AMAZING…MOM OF THE YEAR. the time and effort you put into every aspect of your children’s lives is beyond belief. your children are very lucky…

  10. What a clever way of getting the kids excited about piano lessons! (Wish my mom would have tried one or two of these ideas!!! :-)) Thanks so much for linking to the Tuesday To Do Party!

  11. What a great way to get them excited to start piano. Love all these ideas. I’m featuring you at this week’s Craftastic & Kids Can Craft party. Be sure to stop by & grab a Featured On button:)

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