Killer Cake & Entry Way

Finally, the last installment of Andrew’s Lego party.

Go here for part 1 (lego bingo) and here for part 2 (lego party boards).

Andrew decided he wanted a “Killer the Croc” cake. Actually Killer the Croc was a third choice since I vetoed the first two choices in the name of difficulty. I need to watch a few more episodes of “Cake Boss” in order to tackle those particular mini figures.

So, who is Killer the Croc you ask? Apparently, he’s a bad guy from the Batman Legos.

Step 1: I made 2 sheet cakes and placed them next to each other. I then iced over both cakes and outlined the shape of Killer the Croc with a toothpick. With the outline already drawn, it was easy to know where to cut the cake.

Andrew wanted a strawberry and vanilla cake. Ask and you shall receive!

Step 2: Spread the colored icing for his body and his pants.

Step 3: Add white icing for his mouth

Step 4: Add red icing for the eyes

Step 5: Use a thin icing point and outline the eyes, teeth, and muscles? scales? in black

When Andrew saw the cake before the party he said,”This is my best party ever.” Now that’s a pretty good review even before the party started.

I put together a simple Lego display guests saw when they first entered our house. The boys created the “6” and chose the minifigures to display. I copied a picture of Killer the Croc, and gave him a word bubble which said, “Andrew, we love you to pieces.”

I’m pretty sure we will have another Lego party in our future so I hope to use some of these ideas again.

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10 thoughts on “Killer Cake & Entry Way

  1. You are the best mom! And so talented! Marisa made her own Birthday cakes for several years, then we started buying them! I’ve made a few, but NOTHING like the ones I’ve seen of yours over the years!!!!!

  2. That was so sweet of him to say that, makes all the effort worthwhile. Great job on the cake and decorations!

  3. Andrew is such a sweet boy! But you make these phenomenal cakes, I’m not sure how they couldn’t love them! I don’t think you’ve made one for my birthday though….

  4. What a great cake and party! My boys just love LEGOS, too! Thanks so much for sharing at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  5. “The best party ever…” can’t get a better response than that. Cake looks fantastic. Well done for making it look so good. The lego display was an added bonus… yep, great party!

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