730 Days of Love

2 years ago today…Caroline Grace was born!

She’s had us all wrapped around her little finger ever since.

“When is she going to DO something?”

Hanging with her brothers from the get go

Caroline, Cara Grace, Sweetie, Gracie Pants, Sweets

The time has gone by so quickly

Always a fashionista

Always taking apart or taking out things

“See ya.”


“I go dool.”  (I go to school)

“An-non” (Andrew)

“Al-e” (Alex)

“I wim.” (I swim)

and so much more


Happy Birthday!

We love you sweet girl!

4 thoughts on “730 Days of Love

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet pea! We love you and wish you an amazing 2nd birthday!!! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

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