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For the last three weeks I have been tutoring some kids in math to get ready for our state test. The school didn’t need me this week for various reasons so I decided to see if I could volunteer at Alex’s school. Caroline was already going to be at her school so I thought I’d use the free time to help out. I emailed Alex’s 3rd grade teacher a week before and asked if she had anything she would like me to work on; stapling packets, cutting out laminating, or making something for the room. She asked if I would be willing to take a small group of kids in math. I said, “Sure, I would love to.”

I showed up at 9:30 like she requested and found out which fraction concepts she wanted me to review with them. She showed us the place in hall where we would be working (a luxurious carpet area next to the water fountains and apparently the main thoroughfare for 2nd graders.)

At my tutoring job I have groups every 30 minutes so I figured I was in store for something similar. I asked what time they needed to be back and she said 11:00. Using my amazing calculation skills, I quickly ascertained that I would have these 3 students for an hour and a half. Wow, she must: 1)have some confidence in my teaching ability 2) have no confidence in my teaching ability and thinks it will take forever to review or 3) is ready to have a break from these kiddos.

What ever the reason, I was happy to take them. We drew pictures of fractions, put fractions on a number line, compared fractions, and played a fraction game.

At the end of the lesson, Burke turned to Shelly and said,”Alex has a really nice mom.”

Then turning to me, Burke said, “You are really nice.”

I said, “You should tell Alex that.”

We packed up our things and went back into the classroom.

I watched Burke go up to Alex and say, “Your mom is really nice.”

Alex stared at Burke.

The left side of his mouth turned up in a snarl.

And he rolled his eyes.

Yes, he did.

Oh boy, buddy. If you think I’m embarrassing at 3rd grade, just wait to see what I have planned for your 5th grade year.

6 thoughts on “Your Mom

  1. That is so funny, Jen. FYI the 6th graders over here LOVE you! So no worries, you’re still super cool!!

  2. I got all the way with ryan to 9th grade and then he asked me not to assistant coach for Franklins swim team. I respected that and backed off and really needed to go back to work full-time anyway. I always liked working directly with kids in volunteer situations whether girl scouts, kindergarten, or coaching..

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