I Wouldn’t Do That

Picture the scene:

*A horse show at City Park Stables

*A beautiful fall day with the sun shining and a cool breeze

*6 eager observers of the horse show (2 parents, 3 children, & 1 grampa)

After only being at the event 15 minutes the following conversation can be heard:

Alex (8): “Let’s jump to Mt. Everest.”

Andrew (5): “Okay. Let’s jump.”

Parent looking at a muddy ditch: “Please don’t go through there.”

Boys: “Let’s go.”

Parent: “Please don’t go through there you might get dirty.”

Boys: “Let’s go.”


Andrew's dirty legs from horse show

1 very unhappy 5 year old who is screaming and crying

2 picture happy parents”Hold still, let me take a picture of your leg”
very understanding parents

1 laughing older brother

1 clueless baby sister

& 1 grampa shaking his head

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