I Wouldn’t Do That

Picture the scene:

*A horse show at City Park Stables

*A beautiful fall day with the sun shining and a cool breeze

*6 eager observers of the horse show (2 parents, 3 children, & 1 grampa)

After only being at the event 15 minutes the following conversation can be heard:

Alex (8): “Let’s jump to Mt. Everest.”

Andrew (5): “Okay. Let’s jump.”

Parent looking at a muddy ditch: “Please don’t go through there.”

Boys: “Let’s go.”

Parent: “Please don’t go through there you might get dirty.”

Boys: “Let’s go.”


Andrew's dirty legs from horse show

1 very unhappy 5 year old who is screaming and crying

2 picture happy parents”Hold still, let me take a picture of your leg”
very understanding parents

1 laughing older brother

1 clueless baby sister

& 1 grampa shaking his head

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  1. Hi thanks for sending me the nice note. You and me both flying by the seat of our pants with the new adventure of blogging. Yes we can do this together. Thanks for joining my blog, I joined yours as well. Love the muddy legs. cindy

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