Advent Calendar with a Twist

After you read this post today you may think I only do craft projects that involve paper bags. Not so. But I can’t prove that today. Usually my paper bag crafts are my spur of the moment ideas and the bags are the only materials around.

Last year the kids and I made a paper bag Christmas tree which they partially decorated using markers. Here’s the way our advent tree works. On December 1 they receive a paper ornament which states something we will be doing, watching, or making that deals with Christmas. One of the boys gets to glue it onto our tree. The next day the other one gets to glue it on. On certain days they receive their ornament before school while other days they receive their ornament after school (it depends if I have my act together or not). Here’s a picture of the finished project.

advent treeHere’s a close up of some of the ornaments.  Some days they would receive one ornament while on other days they would receive a bonus one.

There is a small part of me that cringes when these are glued onto the tree every which way. I do have to tell myself that having symmetry in this craft is not the purpose. But oh how I sometimes try to make suggestions of where the ornament could be placed.

This year I’ve made a tentative list of activities for our family. Some will change based on schedules and weather but it’s a start:

  • Wed Dec 1 – Watch The Grinch
  • Thurs Dec 2 – Make Christmas cards for Omi & Opa (great grandparents)
  • Fri Dec 3 – Choose Angels from Angel tree
  • Sat Dec 4- Andrew’s Christmas program
  • Sun Dec 5-Shop for Angels
  • Mon Dec 6 – Have hot chocolate & marshmellows
  • Tues Dec 7 – Watch Frosty’s Winter Wonderland
  • Wed Dec 8 – Turn in Angel gifts & get cookie at mall
  • Thurs Dec 9 – Watch Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • Fri Dec 10- get tree?
  • Sat Dec 11-Photo with Santa at school
  • Sun Dec 12-make snow globes
  • Mon Dec 13-Assign & Hang Stockings
  • Tues Dec 14-drive around and look at lights
  • Wed Dec 15-?
  • Thurs Dec 16- Andrew’s school Christmas party
  • Fri Dec 17-Alex’s school Christmas party
  • Sat Dec 18-Frisco downtown – Santa parachutes in?
  • Sun Dec 19-wrap some presents
  • Mon Dec 20-Go see Northpark train display?
  • Tues Dec 21-Make Christmas cookies
  • Wed Dec 22-Aunt Amanda, Uncle Ryan, and Gramma & Grampa arrive
  • Thurs Dec 23-Aunt Kelly & Uncle Ben arrive
  • Fri Dec 24-go to ICE! display in Grapevine
  • Sat Dec 25 – Christmas

Do you have any unique ways your family celebrates the holidays?

4 thoughts on “Advent Calendar with a Twist

  1. Wow – sometimes I think you’re writing these posts just for me! ;o) Do you know that I’ve never seen a paper bag up here in Red Deer?! All plastic, except the reusable “cloth” bags, many of which are made of some form of plastic, too. Great idea.

    • Jess- I will tell you that I wrote the turkey joke post just for you 🙂 Knew that was your kind of humor. I still remember you telling a joke about a 4 door coupe and laughing hysterically.

  2. Great twist to the traditional advent..but I do love opening each day on the calendar and savouring the chocolate that is behind each door.
    On Dec 6th we’ll put a little slipper outside Corey’s door for St. Nick. Hopefully, St. Nick will drop off some nice little goodies…even though Corey won’t be able to enjoy them this year (his parents certainly will). Dec 24th is always spent with our grandparents eating potato salad and German wieners – that in itself is a unique experience!
    The rest of the holidays are spent with my husbands family – eating, laughing, and eating some more…time to pull out the maternity pants!

    • I forgot about the 6th! We are going to need to do that – I swear every year on the 7th we remember about the shoes. Funny I think we had potato salad and sausages last year. Thanks D!

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