Here’s a tune we are turning WAY UP when it comes on in the car.

In fact yesterday I got pulled over right after preschool drop off while I was jamming to this song (this is a complete surprise to my hubby right now, guess I forgot to tell you, love you dear).

“Ah mam, you were going 42 in a 30.”


Wait while he goes back to his car.

Wait some more.

“Watch your speed mam. Have a good day.”

No ticket. Thank God.

I think the singer has such a unique voice.

Love this song.

3 thoughts on “Passenger

  1. My dang computer speakers are on the fritz, but I’ll pin it for later.
    Way to go on the ticket, or lackthereof. The last time I got pulled over, I was very pregnant with The Girl and it was my birthday. He gave me a ticket for speeding. WTF?! All kinds of messed up.

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