We’re Off to See the Wizard…

The wonderful wizard of oz!

Because, because, because, because, because…

Because of the wonderful things he does!

This weekend I am taking my family to go see The Wizard of Oz – IMAX 3D!

I know..I’m so excited.

You know who else is so so so so so excited about going to see The Wizard of Oz?

My husband.

Well, maybe not.

I was hoping that by writing it it might come true but no.

Regardless, I’m so excited to show the movie to my kids.

We rarely go to a full priced movie but I think this is worth it – one of the all time best movies, at least in my opinion.

The movie is only playing in our city for one week so if you are interested you might want to check your theater.

I fully expect to come back singing the lollipop guild, somewhere over the rainbow, if I only had a heart, and ding dong the witch is dead, for probably the whole weekend.

If all goes as planned, the kids will be singing too.

My husband? I’m guessing his inner Judy Garland will shine through too 🙂