A HOLY Mother F****er Service

Yesterday while we were at church an older man leaned over and whispered, “Your children are so well behaved.”

I smiled, thanked him, and gave myself a little encouraging mental tap on the shoulder.

Less than a minute later Caroline broke my toe.

I think.

I was standing while singing the hymn when I felt a huge pain surge through my foot.

It is only by the grace of God that I did not scream,” Holy Mother F***er.”

I looked down to see that she had pushed down the little kneeling step onto my big toe.

My open toed sandals did not cushion the blow.

I sternly but quietly said, “Stop that right now. That hurt, ” to which she turned her body away from me and started “singing” the hymn.

I’m pretty sure it went something like this:

What a fool my mother is…She can’t do anything to me in church…Everyone is watching us here so she will not put me in time out or give me a spanking….I love church.

Yes, I’m willing to bet that’s how her song went because 5 minutes later she decided to do it again.

But this time she finished off by standing on the bench as well.

This time I did make a noticeable sound.

While I glanced down at my toe it was red but not bleeding.

I hoisted her onto my hip and would not put her down for the last 10 minutes of the service which I’m pretty sure really lasted for 45 minutes.

After church I spoke to her again about how much that hurt and she seemed to get it.

Either way, I’m wearing tennis shoes to church next week.

3 thoughts on “A HOLY Mother F****er Service

  1. Oh, that girl of yours does have an attitude. I always think it’s cute, but not when it’s used against you 🙂

  2. Well, maybe, she is not quite old enough to come and see grandma and grandpa with the boys next year. I love wearing sandals in the summer and also love my toes. Loved the note from Andrew saying,” old is not bad” for my birthday coming out of the mouth of his Yoda sticker. I perked up thinking, ” He thinks I’m wise”. Wise enough to protect my toes….

  3. I have a vivid memory of BITING my mother in church. Pretty sure I am going to hell for that!

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