Sleep Help

I am not a good sleeper.

I have to have a fan on, a sleep machine, and the air about 65 degrees.

Even with all of that, I toss and turn some nights, all night long.

So I was excited to see the “Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?” Katie show the other day.

I ignored the cherry juice, drinking flower teas, and tongue exercise recommendations and went right to the one that I knew I could follow.

Drink some milk before bed.

So for my health tonight I filled my glass nice and tall and gulped down my dairy.

I’m hoping it helps me have a good 7-8 hours sleep.

I bet the brownie with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream I had to accompany the milk will help me snooze too.


Happy Canada Day to all our friends & family up North!

2 thoughts on “Sleep Help

  1. Jen,
    It is funny you should mention that because just last night I was reading an article on that Kelly told me about. It is a site that is all about home improvement and this week one of the articles was on the relationship between sleep and room color.
    If I remember correctly, I believe the color was blue for the best sleep and gray for the least number of hours. Yellow surprisingly was near the top as was green. I, personally, can not sleep if it is too warm. I tend to turn the thermostat down at night and get my best sleep then but our air filter has to be changed every couple of weeks for max cool in the summer.

  2. Good thing I’m a natural sleeper bc I would be in trouble if I had to rely on milk to help me sleep…it would be very bad

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