Banner with Ties

Caroline turns 4 today so we are well into party planning mode for the weekend.

For the 11 months and 3 weeks she requested a super hero party on a regular basis.

Last week she decided she wanted a cheetah party.

So we’re having a super hero party where the person of honor is wearing cheetah leggings and a cheetah tutu and calling it,” The Super Hero Party Where People Can Be Super Hero Cheetahs if They Want to Be.”

Classy party we’re hosting around here.

We’re also hosting this party on the cheap so we are using supplies and materials that we already have first and then buying second.

Therefore, the party colors are bright yellow, blue, and pink, since I had leftover fabric from my sisters shower last year. Caroline approved of the colors so we moved forward.

So first up for the Super Hero Party  Рthe foyer.





For the “bam” and kapow” signs, I used yellow frames we already had and placed the images I created on the computer inside them.

For the “banner with ties, ” I used fabric strips and string – super easy.


I cut strips of fabric in varying widths and tied them onto the string with one tie.



Here I have tied on 3 pieces of fabric.


Once you have tied a few pieces of fabric, push them together – I know, rocket science here.


I just kept adding pieces until I thought it was long enough – in the beginning I was worried with how it was turning out but once I had tons of the pieces on there I was happy with it.



Now onto bean bag boards, painted cardboard boxes, and lots of sewing!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Caroline….her gifts should arrive later this week…she is blessed to have such a great creative mom…I had to count on friends like Debbie to draw my ideas….

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