A Dog & A Dream Part 2

My 7 year old had the saddest look on his face so I bought him a dog.

 Well, no. But I thought I might make you think I caved for a moment.

It was actually quite easy to say no since there were only Pit Bulls and Rottweilers at the SPCA. Um, no thank you.

But that didn’t stop us from looking and looking at the dogs.

Thankfully, our volunteer coordinator told us it was time to start helping so Andrew was distracted by something else.

(I found an organization called Wee Volunteers whose main goal is to get kids involved in volunteering. Before school started, our whole family went and helped distribute school supplies to struggling families. Volunteering at the SPCA was our second volunteer experience and they loved it.)

First up was our meeting with the SPCA volunteer coordinator. She was great with the kids explaining what the organization does and why these animals may have ended up here.

One of the “jobs” the kids had was to decorate a bandana for the dogs to wear when they are trying to get adopted at pet fairs. Apparently, people are a lot more likely to take a second look at a dog with a colorful accessory.

Alex wrote, “Super Dog,” on his bandana and created a symbol as well.

Andrew drew the word, “Rock,” everywhere in about twelve different colors.

Caroline made a masterpiece of lines and squiggles.

Next up was feeding the donkeys!

The donkeys were a huge hit and only $100- I was thinking of buying one for Derek for Father’s Day so he wouldn’t have to mow anymore – wait, maybe I should get a goat for $50.

Next up, checking on the foals who had just come in.

And yes, they even have pigs and chickens available to adopt.

Dinner, anyone?

As we left the building and were walking to our car, Andrew said to Alex, “You know, I have a $50 dollar bill in my bank and the pigs only cost $40. I could come back here and buy a pig.”

Always a schemer, that one.

So apparently Andrew is trying to hatch a plan to adopt another animal, but for now we are going to remain a one pet house.

5 thoughts on “A Dog & A Dream Part 2

  1. Unfortunately Pits and Rotties have gotten a bad rep. Actually a few owners are the ones that should have gotten it. Your shelter has a far larger selection of beasts than any around here!

    I’m not telling my in-house lawn mowing crew about the goats, though. Unless goats know how to handle a pooper scooper, I’m not going for that plan;-}

  2. Okay, so I totally thought you’d get suckered in. I had to laugh though, the dog I adopted 10 years ago this summer is half rott, half pit. :o) Can’t imagine life without her at this point.

  3. What a wonderful post and what a great mom you are for introducing them to the joy of volunteering. Things started young tend to stick..

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