Prehistoric Park Videos

When my oldest was little he was fascinated by dinosaurs.

At three, he knew more information about dinosaurs than most adults.

We read so many dinosaur books, I’m fairly sure I could have become a paleontoligist with just a little field work experience.

In fact, one day while reading the newspaper I read about dinosaur tracks discovered 30 minutes from our house. I loaded up my three year old and  ten month old and we went hiking until we found them – the large group standing around them helped us find them đŸ™‚

For Christmas that year we bought him the Prehistoric Park videos .

These are the BEST dinosaur & prehistoric animal DVD”s EVER!

The 6 DVD set  focuses on Nigel Marvin and his travels back in time to capture prehistoric animals and bring them to the future. The concept might sound quirky but these videos are fascinating. They are filled with tons of information and humor.

My 7 year old is now obsessed with these videos and requests them constantly while our three year old daughter loves them too. What about my oldest who’s now ten? Yep, he still sits down and watches them.

If you have a child who is interested in wooly mammoths, saber tooth cats, or dinosaurs you must get these videos immediately. I promise your kids will love them.

3 thoughts on “Prehistoric Park Videos

  1. Wow, look how small Alex is there! I still want to borrow his Civil War DVD’s. Could you maybe bring them to the beach with you?

  2. I’m cool with anything that includes a dude named Nigel. ;o) Those DO look cool – maybe I can order an episode on the internet somehow. I think our TV is connected to the net now – that’s an Otto question.

  3. I had no idea you had a dino expert in your house! My 5 yr old was the same exact way at age 3. My best friend’s husband is a paleontologist and he would always get such a kick out of hearing my son tell him all about dinosaurs. The last couple months he suddenly moved on to Star Wars though and it’s been kind of sad for me. Maybe getting these videos would respark the interest again. That is an impressive dinosaur track found in your area!

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