It’s a Blogiversary!

Exactly one year ago today I published my first post.

This is my 239th post.

I never thought I would be a blogger in a million years. What do I have to say? Turns out I have a lot to say. Sometimes the words were kind, sometimes painful, sometimes humorous, sometimes judgmental, and sometimes sarcastic.

When I started pondering a blog,  I assumed my blog would focus primarily on crafting projects. Along the way I discovered I enjoyed writing about life and it’s ups and downs. There have been many wonderful moments and a few sad. I never imagined opening up as much as I did in the spring but I don’t regret it. This blog gave me an outlet for my feelings and I thank you for encouraging me along the way.

When you write a blog there’s really no way of knowing if anyone else really benefits. Sure, people are nice and leave comments but did my post really add anything to their day?

I received this email last week and felt it was the perfect exclamation on my first year.

Thank you so much for the Lego bingo game!!! I printed it out; then laminated it all so that we could play it over and over again using dry erase markers. We had to come up with a super fun birthday party for my son, for obvious reasons, but also because he had a bone marrow transplant and isn’t allowed to be around other people (only close family). This is one of the components that made his birthday so special and so much fun that I don’t think he even realized there weren’t any other kids there… Anyhow, THANK YOU so much, I am very grateful! –  Jenica

Jenica – Thank you so much for your message – it made my day, in fact, it made my whole year – sometimes I wonder if anyone really benefits from my blog besides myself so this was great to hear. Best of luck to your little guy and your whole family. I’m glad he loved his birthday – let me know what you decide to do next year for his birthday – I’d be glad to make another game for him.Jennifer

Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know that the benefit of your blogging is going to extend greater than my family. I am planning on printing more copies of Lego Bingo & laminating them to bring to the Seattle Children’s Hospital cancer floor. This children’s hospital does not have a play room, so children are hoping for things like this to fall into their hands. I know, because we were there… for way too long. We would have LOVED to have played this for hours. It is great because it doesn’t require much thinking- a major bonus for a child going through cancer treatment! The lamination will make the games easy to sanitize, which is huge! And I plan on making smaller versions of the game (by setting aside some characters & playing mats) so it would be easier to have a two or three player game (often times a child is alone with one parent). This might be more information than you wanted… sorry. But I do want you to know that you are going to make a lot of little kids very happy. Seems like such a small thing right? I guarantee, it is not 🙂 Again, thank you.Jenica.

Something I created made a difference for a little boy. That’s it. I’m completely satisfied with my first blogging year now.

I truly don’t know how long I will write for but thank each and every one of you who have taken a seat on this crazy ride I like to call Big D & Me.

12 thoughts on “It’s a Blogiversary!

  1. Congratulations. Those are wonderful comments. I think as long as we stay on a roll – we will never stop. It’s a good feeling when a post touches someone and they let you know. I am going to go check out the lego bingo game – thanks in advance!

  2. Congratulations, Jen! It’s a GREAT blog!! And I certainly feel a little more “in touch” now that you’re blogging. :o)

  3. Jen, I told you 8 yrs ago that I wanted to be a part of your kids’ lives (well at the time, it was only Alex) and now that you are blogging, I feel more a part of their lives! Even if it is as a “fly on the wall”. And since I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve started crafting again!!! Either with your ideas, or blogs that are your favorites.

    We never know how what we do effects others around us. Thank you for touching my life and letting me be a part of your 3 little darlings’ lives!

  4. What a beautiful post! I’m sure we all read your blog for different reasons. I love it because you are so relate-able and your stories make me laugh! Happy Blogiversary!

  5. I enjoy reading your blog every day and am glad to be able to keep up with you now that I don’t see you every week. Keep up the good work!

  6. I love your blog! Whenever I get behind in my Google Reader I instantly click on Big D & Me first to see what you’ve been up to because I know I will always leave here with a smile and maybe a couple laughs to brighten my day. So happy to have met you through the blogging world….And I hope you do keep the blogging up because there might be pools of tears if you stop. 🙂

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