Days Away from Change

When I saw the “Reflections of Motherhood” video I knew I had to share it.

I loved it and knew you would too.

The premise is the following: We asked moms if they could go back right before they had their first child…what would you tell yourself?

I would say:

*You will be fine no matter what happens

*You will cry.

*You will laugh.

*It’s okay to want a break.

*It’s okay to work.

*It’s okay to stay home.

*You are strong.

*You will soon know a love which is incomparable.

*You are days away from pure love.

What would you tell a woman whose about to become a mom for the first time?

4 thoughts on “Days Away from Change

  1. Well…if I could go back I would tell myself that it’s ok to leave the past behind because moving forward will be so much better!! It all works out in the end and if people were meant to be in my life they will be.
    That what I thought was love is nothing like the love I will have for my child/children. It’s ok to think that I will do the absolute best job I can but it’s also ok if I don’t…I’m not perfect.
    What a great post!! Thanks 🙂

  2. I’d tell myself to enjoy each stage. With the first one I wanted to push her through each step. Today I would just enjoy the moment. Awesome video.

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