My 2 year old’s horoscope yesterday:

 You’re in the middle of a busy phase. Take new responsibilities. Put more energy into your projects.

My horoscope on the same day.

Surround yourself by the creative spirit of the youngest generation. You can’t bottle youth, but it’s communicable.

 Take a look at our house.

I’m choosing to embrace this as the creative spirit of the youngest generation.



8 thoughts on “Horoscopes

  1. We don’t have the room for such creativity and expression in our house, however that being said, it still seems as though a tornado rips through our living room nightly!

  2. It is good to know that our family never represses the spirit of the young folks and that it is a tradition passed on…..

  3. My house looks like that everyday and my youngest is 6! She is an Taurus which may have something to do with it as they are creative and lazy – which is not always the tidiest combination! Thank you so much for the nice comment the other day. I accidentally deleted it – but I created a whole (albeit short) post in thanks.

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