Dear Young Female Driver,

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to you for teaching my children about white trash behavior today. It is with the utmost most respect that I retell this story so that others will bask in your glory.

I was leisurely driving my kids to piano lessons when I noticed the navy Honda Accord I was following gradually slow to a virtual stop in the middle lane. I slowed and waited until the Honda started moving again. I remember thinking at the time how odd it was to stop in the middle of the road. But silly me, you were just preparing for your lesson.

About one minute later, the slowing down occurred again. I was confused since there was not a light in sight. I see now that this was just your introduction.

I honked my horn to make you aware that you were holding up traffic and I was concerned about this potentially dangerous situation. You though were concerned with the lesson. Immediately after I honked, you gave me the finger. A beautiful up sweep of your left arm shooting upwards while pointing your middle finger to the sky. My nine year old was certainly paying attention now.

I took this as a teaching moment when all I really wanted to do was show you how graceful my arm movements can be.

“You see, Alex, this is what we call white trash behavior.”

In his entire nine years I had never broached the subject with him before but I see that you were right and I needed to widen his horizons.

After your initial teaching you swerved into the right lane.  I stayed back a bit but notice the light ahead had turned red. I pulled up beside you.

It is here where my six year old is also included in this life lesson since his view of you was now not obstructed.

You turn, just as I do, and scream “F**k you bitch.”

Such precious words for my children.

Normally I would have told my children you screamed, “Firetruck in the ditch!.” But you made sure there was no mistaking your sentiments with your rolled down window.

I could have continued on with your insightful teachings but I decided that our cup overfloweth with white trash knowledge for now. Best to leave some things for another day.

I took an unnecessary turn and left you to spread your wisdom to others.

What a wonderful teaching moment for my family.

In between being kind to others and telling the truth, I had neglected to share in the teachings of the middle finger and foul language.

Well done, young one.

And they say the youth of America doesn’t appreciate education…from where I’m sitting I’d have to disagree.

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  1. Wow some people need to really look hard at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if that is who they truly want to be. What an awful experience for you, but it goes to show not only her immaturity but her insecurities too with having to react to you the way she did. I hope she grows out of that stupidness real soon, for society’s sake…Sorry your kiddos had to see all that ugly!!

  2. Nice to know there are such lovely, helpful people out there in the world. I hope your children aren’t too traumatized, but at least they know some new words to burst out in the middle of a holiday dinner! Lucky you!

  3. I have a navy blue Honda. Maybe it was me! As I think about it, I remember seeing a firetruck in the ditch this morning and remarking pleasantly on the subject to nearby drivers….

  4. You could say to Alex that it might be Tourette’s syndrom knowing full well it is just really bad manners…tres tres mal….then he could research it! Is it my imagination or are we turning into a meaner world lately…..And really after all the years of supporting the brand, you would think Honda would take care of this babe for us! Banned for life—no more Hondas for her….

  5. um, wow…what a teaching opportunity! unfortunately it had to include language from a total stranger who felt it necessary to stop in the middle of the road. i get so frustrated when people do that – and then notice they are on their phones…silly me, here i am paying attention to the road! ugh!


  6. This made me laugh and shake my head in despair all at the same time. I can’t believe such behaviour but it is all too common! I want to say I’m sorry you had to go through that but then again, your children certainly gained from the experience a you so graciously point out. 😉

  7. Yikes. It scares me when I see someone like that on the road- b/c you know they are only concerned with themselves- they are the people who cause accidents.

  8. Well that explains why you were not early to piano! I just want to let you know that neither son shared their lovely experience with me during piano!

  9. You are a wonderful teacher in the midst of such crap. Good for you that you kept your cool and didn’t scream back at her or give her the finger. You set a good example for your kids.

  10. —That makes my blood boil… Seriously.
    I would have loved to follow that person to her destination & gave her a piece of my mind. But I have a feeling after she parked her car, the bitch would have lost all of her so-called-power.
    popping over from LBS…

  11. Until you got to the part with the actual foul language I was oping she was having car trouble and flipped you the bird as a signal for help. :o) (Stopping in from LBS Tea Party.)

  12. I had to put on another maxi-pad because I wet myself! Can’t wait to hear the follow-up post about the elementary school child being sent to the Principal’s office because of profanity on the playground!

  13. Lol…I love how you’d normally say “Firetruck in the ditch.” It makes me crazy when people do things like that. Especially when my three year old is right there. Some people have no sense of what’s appropriate. :p Stopping by from LBS.

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