Junk Drawer

I opened our junk drawer for the last time today.

Well, at least until it gets cluttered again but let’s focus on the now.

Here’s the before:

I cut up cereal boxes, granola boxes, and used an old thank you card box to organize the drawer contents. I could have gone to a store and bought fancy containers but I wanted to complete this project immediately. The pens are now housed in a Rice Krispie box.

The After:

So, do you have a junk drawer? Go ahead and clean it out. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face

3 thoughts on “Junk Drawer

  1. I cleaned mine out about a month ago and it does make you feel so much better!

  2. I think everyone has a junk drawer (and a junk closet too!). It does sooth my inner neat freak when I find the time to tackle it! Nice job Jen!

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