Tree Mural

Why is it projects always take 14 times longer than you plan?

I knew I wanted to have a tree mural in Caroline’s room so I began searching for inspiration pictures in December.

I looked on Janey Mac vinyl but didn’t find exactly what I wanted so I combined the designs below:

Classic Tree Swirl w/Birds, Crazy Swirl Branch w/Owls, Swirl Tree w/Birds, Owls, Flowers

I took pictures all along the way: blank wall, the tracer, the tree, etc but they got lost in the world of technology so all I have are pictures of the finished product.

I printed out the vinyl pictures, enlarged them, and traced them onto the wall using a tracer.

I started with the tree first. I used the basic shape of the inspiration tree but then added several more branches.

The birds and the owls came next.

The initial green I used was too light so I darkened it up about 50%.

Everything on the wall needed about 3 coats. Ugh.

Probably would have gone faster if I had painted in increments longer than 15 minutes.

After many painting sessions I was done at the in the middle of February.

I told my husband I will seriously consider shelling out the money for vinyl next time.

Only 6 weeks to paint a tree. In terms of project completion, that’s got to be some sort of record around here.

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21 thoughts on “Tree Mural

  1. Another awesome crafty job, Jen! I have long-admired those tree murals. It’s such a neat thing to have in a room.

  2. This looks great – it’s a lot larger than I thought based on the first picture. I hope Caroline likes it!

  3. Probably the dumbest question you’ve heard all day, but what is a tracer and where did you get it?

    Beautiful job, by the way! Bravo!

  4. This is sooo freaking adorable.. and only six weeks.. it’s huge! I made a fairy mural for my daughter that took about 3 days.. but it wasn’t nearly as big..maybe 4 feet! Yours is amazing.. love the owls! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party! Can’t wait to see what you share next week.. and I am your newest follower!

  5. This is absolutely adorable. I LOVE it! It may be one of the best true murals I’ve seen- i love the white with the green, and the bird & owls are precious. SO cute!

  6. SO CUTE! I love the way it turned out and would say it is definitely worth the extra time. I found your blog through the sugar and dots link party and I’m your newest follower!

    Brie from

  7. The tree turned out super cute and I love the critters! My mom and I each did a white tree in my son’s room, as well. I stole the idea from a Pottery Barn catalog photo. :o)

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