The Dallas Color Run 2013

My friend Melissa, my 10 year old, and I ran the Color Run this past Saturday in Dallas.


It was tons of fun and would have been even more fun if I had properly trained for the 5K.

I know many of you can run a 5K no problem but let’s remember I’m a swimmer. I’m really not good at exercising on land.

Our team name was The Footloose and Fancy 4 but ended up being The Footloose and Fancy 3 when my sister couldn’t participate at the last minute.

Here’s the before:


The after:



During the run there are several chutes to run through. Volunteers line up at the chute and throw colored powder at the runners. The colored powder is dyed cornstarch. Here we are giving you the idea with our powder packets.


Alex was generous enough to stay with us the first half mile. I could tell he was itching to go faster so I sent him on praying that he would be at the finish line like we had arranged. Alex had a great time and was a tad disappointment that there wasn’t a clock at the end.


Melissa was kind enough to stay with me as I took walking breaks through the run. I’m pretty sure she was itching to go ahead too 🙂


There were plenty of jogging strollers, lots of kooky socks on display, countless tutus worn, an Elvis runner,  and even a runner in a wedding dress.

Color Run of Dallas = 2 Thumbs Up!

Next Dallas run is November 16th.

Click here to check when the Color Run is coming to a city near you.


Thanks to Ryan for taking the pictures!

4 thoughts on “The Dallas Color Run 2013

  1. That looks like fun. I wish I could run around the BLOCK without stopping, so you did great in my book. And I love your friend’s tu-tu! Festive fitness. :o)

  2. Love it ladies! We will see what happens in November. You would have had to stop a whole lot more for me. I don’t exercise in water or on land!

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