Easter Weekend 2013 Recap

First up on the fun filled weekend was Caroline’s preschool Easter egg hunt.


We were asked to fill up the eggs with things other than candy.


I thought that meant stickers and silly bands.

Others thought it meant money.

Next up was the Mary Poppins show – Caroline’s first big broadway show to attend!


Immediately after sitting with her in the theater and explaining how only big girls are able to go to the theater a couple walked by with a 1 yr old. And believe me she noticed.

Easter egg dying at home was next!



Then off to the neighborhood Easter egg party and egg hunt with grandpa.




Two lacrosse games were next on the weekend agenda.

IMG_7149 IMG_7167

We woke up Easter morning to hollowing winds and tornado warnings. After spending some time in the closet we came out to our fence down in the neighbors yard.



After things had calmed down a bit we had an Easter egg hunt. Thank goodness the Easter bunny had the foresight to hide the eggs in the house.




And finally church with the grandparents…


Fun fact: Caroline is wearing her great grandmother Caroline’s pearls. And yes, shoes are totally optional on Easter.


Hope everyone’s Easter was wonderful!

6 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 2013 Recap

  1. Love the pearls on Caroline, makes her look so grown-up.

    Are pink lacrosse socks the in thing?

    Where’s your Easter dress from? love it!

    • Alex loves the pink socks and wears them all of the time.
      He got them at a Breast Cancer lacrosse tournament last year.
      It sure makes it easy to see him on the field.

      My dress is from Anthropologie – got it last fall on sale – super comfy

  2. I had no idea Caroline was named after a great-grandlmother – very cool! We’ve only had lacrosse practices so far – first games won’t be for another couple weeks – they’re chomping a the bit! And I agree with Kelly, the dress looks great. :o)

  3. The family pics look great. You should frame the first one from before Mary Poppins. Y’all look amazing!

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