Our Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a time of family, food, and fun.

We had all of that.

Plus a whole lot of vomit.

Yes, family, food, fun, and vomit – all parts of our Thanksgiving celebration.

And unlike many of you who only had three days of family time, our family was lucky enough to have 9 days off together.

Yes, nine days of being together (sleeping in the same room allowed for a quick response time)

Nine days of food (aka Gatorade and Saltines).

Nine days of fun (My entire next paycheck is headed to Redbox).

Nine days of being thankful for our washer and dryer (vomit, enough said).

And while I am thankful for that time spent with my family, I am hoping the 12 days of Christmas turns out differently.

3 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving Break

  1. We basically celebrated no Thanksgiving down here, but I think NO Thanksgiving is better than yours was! :o( I hope you’re all feeling MUCH better now.

  2. You write with such panache! I am laughing sooooo hard. I truly hope that Xmas bears no similarity….are you sure those organic cleaning products cut the mustard?

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