I’m not going to lie.

I’m feeling a little lazy right now and just want to go sit on the couch and watch trash tv.

So while I don’t have anything earth shattering here today – unlike every other day 🙂 I do want to express how lucky I am for the kiddos I have.

This is how I found them last Sunday morning.

And while the pictures are blurry, this much is clear.

My kids love each other and love hanging out with each other.

Yes, there are the usual arguments and squabbles but for the most part they hang with one another even in their free time.

I’m not quite sure how my husband and I got so lucky but every time I see this I am so so thankful for it.

7 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. You’re kids (and my niece and nephews) are really amazing!!! They bring a lot of their own uniqueness to the table, but you and Derek are fantastic parents….so it’s no surprise to me they are so great!

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