August Goals Updated

Add 2 items to Etsy ShopCheck! I added the Baby Gender Prediction Test and the Baby Guessing Cards!

Continue Cleaning Out the Game Closet with the KidsCheck! So excited we went through and organized. I put the games and puzzles appropriate for Caroline at a level she could get them while older games went up higher. So far, three weeks later, everything has been put away when taken out – and we’ve played Candy Land every single day since we cleaned.

Take Quick Trip to New OrleansCheck! We had a great  four day trip visiting my parents at the beginning of August. My kids think their Grampa has the best job ever Рrunning a park that includes an amusement park!

Make Lasso for Wonder Woman CostumeFail!

Make 3 Meals for the FreezerCheck! I made mounds of pasta and sauce one day so we have 3 meals of spaghetti bake waiting for us to eat up.

Go Through the Boys Clothes and Take Out What Doesn’t FitCheck! A week before school started I set myself up on the floor next to their dresser and pulled out everything. What followed was a fairly entertaining fashion show of long sleeve shirts which were now way to short and pants which looked like waders. But since it will be hot here for awhile, I didn’t buy anything new for the boys to start school except for one pair of sneakers and some underwear.

Make Desk for the Boys Room – Check! My husband used a piece of wood we had in the garage and I found four desk legs at IKEA for $3.95 each so the new desk cost us just over $16.00! Now I’m planning on getting containers for art supplies, a lamp, and some shelves above the desk to finish out the space. My vote was to paint their room but it was vetoed so the builder beige stays.

Make Pillow for Guest RoomFail!

Enjoy the Last Weeks of Summer Check!

Hope you accomplished what you wanted to in August!

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