The Man, The Manager, & Grampa

My three year old has developed an odd little skill over the last two weeks.

Whenever I ask her to do something she does not want to do, she refers to,  “the man.”


For example,”Caroline, it’s time to leave the toy store and go home.”

“No, the man said we can’t leave.”

“Caroline, it’s time to take your shower.”

“No, the man said to not take a shower.”


After a week, things took a slight turn.

“Caroline, it’s time to get out of the pool.”

“No, the manager said we need to be in.”

“Caroline, you need to eat your tortilla.”

“No, Grampa says to not eat the tortilla.”


This is happening ALL OF THE TIME.

She’s either become a pathological liar or developed a questionable life skill.

I’m thinking of taking up this skill as well.


“Ma’m, I need you to move your car from the fire lane.”

“No, the man says I can’t.”

“Miss, could you please ask your daughter to stop taking the clothes off the shelf.”

“No, the manager said she could.”

“Mom, can you read me one more story tonight?”

“No, Grampa says I can’t.”

2 thoughts on “The Man, The Manager, & Grampa

  1. That’s hysterical! I would love to meet her one of these days! I’m really trying to go to the reunion at the end of the year… any chance you’ll be going, and consequently bringing the crew to NOLA? 🙂

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