De-Lish Oreo Treats

This week we made these Oreo Treats for our friends, neighbors, and teachers. Let me just tell you, they are delicious. The best part? They are simple to make.

Chocolate Covered Oreo Treats

2 packages of Oreo Cookies
2 (8 oz) blocks of cream cheese, softened
4 packages of semi – sweet chocolate (8 blocks in each package)
Any toppings: crushed candy, mints, toffee

1 – Crush the Oreos into fine crumbs using a food processor or rolling pin & cutting board

2 – Mix Oreo crumbs with cream cheese – best to just get in their with your hands and mix

3 – Roll into balls (1 inch or so) and place on a cookie sheet which is covered in wax paper.

4 – Refrigerate for two hours

5 – Melt chocolate in a double burner (I used use a smaller pot in a larger pot filled with water)

6 – Drop one or two Oreo balls into the melted chocolate, using forks to rotate them and cover them completely. Lift with fork and allow excess chocolate to drip back into pot.

7 – If you are putting a topping on them do so now.

8 – Place in refrigerator again and let them chill.

9 – Pour yourself a large glass of milk and enjoy! Bag them up for gifts!

Are there any sweet treats you are giving as gifts?

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