OohMoon – Free Kid Art!

Katie Moon is an amazing graphic artist who has taken on an interesting project this year.

In her words, “Every day for the next year I will create a new illustration (with children in mind). For one day, each illustration will be free for you to download and use and print as you please. This is simply a little gift from me to you. After 24 hours, the illustration will still be available, but for a small purchase price.”

Katie began this project on December 1st so there is plenty of time for you to check out her site OohMoon and return daily for new art!

*I can’t even wash my kitchen counters everyday and she’s creating beautiful artwork¬† that both kids and parents will enjoy*

Here are some of my favorites….



Fairy Tales

Hope Series

Aren’t Katie’s illustrations beautiful?

I adore colorful, modern graphic art and this certainly fits the bill. (No, it’s not lost on me that there is a huge pelican directly above the last sentence).

I’m thinking of the Veggie Monster for above our kitchen table.

Go check out Katie’s work NOW!

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