Tap, Tap, Tap

It’s a sad, sad day in our house.

It’s a day that I wasn’t ready for.

Let me back up.

It was nap time for Caroline.

Or so I thought.

After I placed Caroline in her crib she insisted she was not tired.

She disagreed with my plan by pounding on the wall and screaming.

I let her scream for 10 minutes, perfectly secure in my parenting abilities, knowing she needed rest.

And then the crying stopped.

I knew it. She’s exhausted and has finally given into sleep.

For a moment I sat on my bed with a bag of chips continued folding laundry.

But then I heard an unfamiliar “tap, tap, tap” sound coming from the baby monitor.

I walked over to the monitor and pressed the video button.

It took a moment for the image to come up.

While waiting, the “tap, tap, tap” sound continued.

What could that sound be? She had two baby dolls and a blanket with her in bed.

The monitor’s picture finally came up.

Clear as day was her crib.

But…Caroline was not in the crib!

I searched the screen desperately, telling myself the bars of the crib were some how obstructing my view of her body.

No, no, no. This can’t be happening. I need her to take naps still. I need her to be contained in a box with no hope of getting out.

I walked upstairs to her room and tried to peek under her door to no avail.

The carpet was blocking my view.

Surely she must have brought a toy into bed with her which I didn’t notice. Surely she must have the skinniest profile ever and is sitting in that crib tap, tap, tapping away.

I finally gathered enough mental strength and opened her door.

There she sat on the floor trying to put the pieces into a farm puzzle.

“Tap, tap, tap.”

After a moment she noticed me.

An enormous grin spread across her face.

She said, “hello.”

My face didn’t quite say that.

Needless to say we’re off to IKEA tonight to find a little bed for her.

I’m thinking of customizing it with straps for nap time.

7 thoughts on “Tap, Tap, Tap

  1. Oh, she’s a smart one! I love the calm, “Hello.” One of the days I hope to meet her in person. Any chance y’all will be heading to N.O. the last week of March? That’s our Spring Beak, and we’re heading down!

  2. Oh, that girl is going to drive you crazy for the next 16 years…actually, probrably long after that. She is going to continue to do whatever makes her happy…that’s pretty clear.

  3. I really miss nap time! We continued “quiet time” long after the boys stopped sleeping. Maybe if she is content to sit in her room with a puzzle, you can scatter a plethora of enticing toys on the path from her bed to the door to keep her distracted and contained for a little while. At least long enough to finish your chips, I mean, laundry.

  4. Awww, I so feel you girl. Mine do not take naps anymore, unless they are getting sick. I miss those days, and even though mine never slept in a crib, I still had at least a good nap every day, too. I so wish the little one would still nap, oh how I wish, he he.

    Thanks for sharing with us @ Real Moms Real Laughs.


    Bella 🙂

  5. 🙂 My favorite part was the scratched out line about eating chips on your bed. I know that is what you were really doing!!!

    I knew I liked that Caroline…you go girl!

  6. The crib tent was our BEST purchase EVER!! Totally worth every penny… my peace of mind CAN be bought!

    Thanks for linking up at Real Moms, Real Laughs!! I feel ya on this one 🙂

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