Sweets for School

I decided at the last minute to make some treats for the boys to take to school for their friends. Usually they come home from every holiday celebration at school with bags of goodies. There have been cellophane bags filled with miniature puzzles, themed pencils, candy, and even a stuffed animal one year. I never make these goodie bags because I kind of thought they were a waste of money and unnecessary. But I thought…new schools…new traditions.

Since I thought this would be a wonderful project to take on at 9:00 the night before the parties, I went to the pantry a little doubtful. I looked up into our dessert box and found marshmallows and chocolate chips – perfect!

I had seen something in blog world about using marshmallows as ghost  poop during Halloween so I thought I would do something along those lines.

I scooped little handfuls of marshmallows and chocolate chips into plastic bags and tied them off. I attached a note that said,”Enjoy your Texas snow and snowman buttons.”

marshmellows and chocolatesAlex wanted to put “Enjoy your Texas snow and reindeer poop.”

Clever, but I was afraid that wouldn’t go over so well at Andrew’s religious school so we went with the other version.

school giftsNow I say I implemented this plan at 9:00 at night but the thought about doing a treat had occurred earlier in the day. When driving through the car pool line I asked Andrew’s teacher if he could bring something for all of the kids in his classroom. She said sure, “As long as it doesn’t have too many sweets.”

Could she possibly be referring to the large box of Christmas candy I gave her the day before? I choose to think not. But I’m not too sure.