April Fools’ Day Jokes for Your Kids

I’m always leery of playing practical jokes because I’m always afraid of what will then be done to me in retaliation.

I hate surprises so I don’t do well with surprise parties, things jumping out at me, or anything of that nature.

On the other hand my kids are kids and would love some April Fools’ jokes.

So I looked around and found some ideas here.

I thinking about:

#6 – Baked pan of “Brown E’s”

#8 – Toilet paper in their shoes

#15 – Broccoli lollipops – okay this one could cause tears from my youngest

and #21 – Surprise in the mailbox

Any jokes you are planning on playing today?

One thought on “April Fools’ Day Jokes for Your Kids

  1. When I picked the kids up today, The Kid came RUNNING over to me, clearly with something exciting to share. He told me all about brownies he made in class. I did the typical mom 20 questions, and was eventually handed a folded up piece of paper, with brown Es all over it. Total sucker.

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