I have a confession.

I’m kind of bah humbugging it over here.

I know I have everything to be thankful and grateful for but I’m still feeling a little like Scrooge.

I feel like someone is missing from our family. Someone a long way off who I’ve never even met.

I know it’s crazy but that’s how I feel.

It was made momentarily worse when we received a letter from our adoption agency letting us know the process to adopt in Ethiopia has gotten even slower. The government wants to make sure all adoptions are legit and I get that. I commend that.

It’s just really slow.

Gee, other bloggers are showing off their holiday recipes and decorations, aren’t you glad you stopped over here?

I’m also starting to feel completely overwhelmed with class parties, class party meetings, gifts for teachers (that’s 17 teachers if you count them all), present buying, cleaning house, decorating, Christmas card sending, wrapping, present making, present sending, Christmas pageant prep, and everything that goes along with all of that.

Plus, I just tried on my nice pants which I’m planning to wear on Christmas Eve and there’s a good chance I won’t be able to eat Christmas Eve dinner if I don’t want the buttons to pop.

I think it all came to a head for me as I stood in line at the post office yesterday on the busiest day of the year getting the last of our out of town packages sent. When I walked into the post office there were 28 people in front of me. Each with several packages. And letters. And questions. And apparently the inability to understand that you must tape your boxes closed in order for the post office to send them.

I finally walked out of the post office 50 minutes later thrilled to have that task crossed off but knowing that was really just the start of my list.

I promptly ignored my list and went for a swim. Hey, I figure that’s at least trying to address the Christmas Eve pants issue.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do so that I don’t turn into a fully green Grinch.

I’m making my lists,
checking them twice,
going to only give gifts to teachers who are liked,
& I’m thinking of going on a cleaning strike.
My kids are helping with the wrapping,
but that really means more work for me.
I’ve decorated the house on the inside
but ignoring the outside and hiring a lady named Nancy.

Ok, so maybe song writing isn’t my thing but I think you get my drift.

I’ve just accepted the fact that all the house projects I wanted to accomplish just won’t get done. We are not going to have outside lights, the house will not be spotless, and some how everything else will just get done.

Of course, it might help matters if I was to get off the computer and go start on those teacher gifts. I’m sure they are going to all love my Cheezits in a ziploc.

And tomorrow?…Christmas decorations.

I promise.



4 thoughts on “Bah-Humbug

  1. You’re on the right track by letting some things slide; it’s an overwhelming time of year! And I can’t imagine the anticipation of meeting your little person – such great patience it must require. It will be worth it when you’re all together, but the waiting certainly sounds tough…

  2. I realized today that I haven’t even started my Christmas cards. And ya know what? Screw it. I’m just gonna do them for the people we’ll see. Immediate family and neighbors. I decided, why stress out over something that isn’t that important? As for teachers, I’m only doing four. Baked treats. The end.

  3. I am a teacher and though through the years I have gotten gifts, I truly treasure the heartfelt cards that are descriptive in some way. “Thanks for giving Jeb extra time to do that project when his hamster died.” or “I enjoy your class, it made me like history for the first time.” Now, that I teach high school last year a memorable gift was a $20 gift card for gas from a boy who paid for it himself. (outside job) it meant a lot because he did not have a lot. Instead of worrying forward think about someone who may have lost a dear one this year and just take time to talk to them even if they are aggravating.
    And as a guest coming to stay at Xmas time, i like to cook, so let those of us who like to cook, cook while you go out and do anything you want. There are matinees to see, lunches to go out and enjoy, and time to be with those who cared to come to see you, not your house. Start a new tradition,relaxing!

  4. I always love your posts. Yes, the craziness is happening over here, too. I’m super behind this year…and what’s up with all these teachers?! So many teachers in Jr. High!

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