NW. Really?

North West.


I mean, it could have at least been Knorth West.

Surprisingly, I would have preferred that.

Her name sounds like a 16 year old picked it out because it’s funny.

I know Kate and William will do better.

It would be hard not to.

Currently, the odds are on:

Alexandra 5 – 2

Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana 6 – 1

Victoria 7 – 1

North 0 – never, ever, ever, because they love their kid!

My prediction is Charlotte Caroline Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor.

Just rolls off the tongue.

Charlotte, because it’s elegant and royal sounding.

Caroline, after Kate’s mom Carole.

Spencer, a twist to the homage to Diana.

Mountbatten-Windsor, because apparently that will be the last name. Who knew?

Of course, they may ditch royal rules and go with Winner Winter Winterizing Windsor if they go the way of Kim and Kanye.

I wonder what the bookies say about that option?

What are your guesses for the royals newest arrival? 

Girl or Boy?


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