Awhile back we were on an organic kick so I bought some organic apples for my family.

I bought 16 apples.

The cost?


Yep. You read that right. $26.00 for 16 apples.

I actually didn’t realize that was the cost until I got home and looked at the receipt.

Waaaaaaaay too much money for apples. Did you hear me? Waaaaayyyy too much money for apples!

After  dropping off the groceries and kids, I headed out to run another errand.

When I returned and walked through our front door I heard my family in the kitchen and a loud reving noise.

I instantly recognized the sound and ran into the kitchen but it was too late.

The organic apples had been juiced!


$26.00 of apple juice.

How you like them apples?

(And no, they don’t drink the juice with my husband, they¬† just like to witness the destruction of fruits and vegetables)

3 thoughts on “Apples

  1. Oh good lord!!!! Our local store runs them at .78lb a couple times a year. And that’s the only time I buy them, unless it’s one or two at the farmer’s market. I think I would have had a heart attack when I saw that on the receipt. I got home and saw that I had paid $12 for grapes once and nearly fainted.

  2. I love it! LOL…I thought you were going to say Sophie was crunching down on them.

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