April Goals Revisited

 Clean out the garageCheck- The only way I accomplished this was to do a little each day. I told myself, just clean this corner, or go through this box. My husband helped me with the final push and after several months we are finally able to get the car in the garage.

Hang fan in Caroline’s roomCheck – thanks Derek!

Make guest room pillows Check and fail – I made 2 envelope pillow using this wonderful video tutorial by Crafty Gemini but I still need to make at least one more pillow.

Try a new recipeCheck, check, check – We tried homemade chicken pot pie, lemon cake, and ….can’t remember the last one…but 3! That’s some sort of record around here.

Shop at the Farmer’s MarketCheck – As a family we went to the local farmer’s market and had a good time. I don’t think we bought what you would typically think about buying but everything ended up being tasty – green peppers, spinach, corn, sourdough bread, lemon bread, toffeee, tamales, sausage, and chicken.

Choose summer camps for the kiddosCheck

Donate box of items to GoodwillCheck

Take online driver’s ed Check

Get estimate for plantation shutters in my roomFail – I contacted someone who came highly recommended but I’ve only heard from him once in two weeks – It’s okay since we had a massive car repair bill so these shutters are on the back burner for awhile. I still would love to have a quote.

Scrapbook 10 pages in Alex’s scrapbookCheck

Order some personalized gifts for upcoming eventsCheck

Scrapbook 10 pages for CarolineFail – I only completed 1 page

Paint headboardCheck¬† – Here’s a peek

Add etsy game / bingoFail – almost ready

I can’t believe one third of 2012 is already gone!

So did you accomplish what you wanted to in April?

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