Where to Go? – Restaurant Printable

My husband and I had a date night on Saturday.

Once the babysitters were settled we left.

We then drove around aimlessly for 40 minutes because we couldn’t think of a new restaurant to try.

 It seems like every other time we are in the car, driving from one activity to the next, we see a new place and say, “Next time we should try that place.”

But inevitably, we never remember the restaurant when its time to choose a place to eat.

We even say to ourselves, “We need to write that name down.”

But we never do.

So I decided to make a list.  If you would like a copy of this form, click here.

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My husband and I eventually settled for a steak place and had a great meal though next time I hope we don’t waste forty precious child free minutes deciding on the restaurant.

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8 thoughts on “Where to Go? – Restaurant Printable

  1. Nice printable – I’m beginning to feel that your life has become about a bunch of printables!?

  2. I remember when dad and I would have a date night with 4 at home and we always spent the first hour over dinner talking about each child–issues, needs, successes, etc. After that hour, we relaxed.

  3. So we recently tried 2 new restaurants, on oh-so-rare date nights, and they were extremely disappointing. It seemed like such a huge waste when we hardly ever get to go out. (Note about 2 sentences prior: “recently” means “in the past 6 months.”) So, I’ve decided that we have to either ritz it up or go with an ole standby, where I know I’ll be happy.

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