Sew Wrong

I have no idea how to sew correctly.

I do not read tutorials. I do not read books. I cannot read a pattern.

I simply look at pictures and try to copy the idea.

Sometimes it turns out. Sometimes not.

I bought some fabric in October from City Craft but had no idea how I would use it. I just loved the animals with the mix of red and green. I eventually settled on the idea that I would make some Christmas place mats.

Measuring is also too much of an extra step for me.

So I took an old place mat I have and placed it on top of the fabric I was using. I then ironed over the edges of the fabric. I made some rudimentary cuts in order to create some corners. I did the same thing for the back piece of fabric.

I then pinned the front and back pieces together and sewed them together.

placematNot pretty, awful craftsmanship, unbelievably ugly corners but… I had 4 place mats done.

Problem was I wanted 6 place mats. Since I didn’t buy enough fabric I had to think of an alternative design. I settled on a small strip of the animals down the place mat. I needed some sort of border between the 2 fabrics so I bought some red ribbon to go down the sides. You can see how it turned out.

other placematI was pretty proud of these place mats until I washed them. My abysmal sewing skills made themselves abundantly clear. Part of the animal fabric came out from under the ribbon and instead of 6 rectangles I now have 6 oddly shaped place mats.

Have you ever had any sew wrong moments?

7 thoughts on “Sew Wrong

  1. I rarely pull out the sewing machine. Maybe if there was a spot where I could just leave it out, I would be more inclined to use it. I made some little stuffed stars to hang in Andy’s room when he was born. My first one was quite scraggly, then Otto’s mom helped me tweak the pattern and the next dozen came out proportional. She’s a professional seamstress, so it was nice to have her around while I was doing that. :o)

    • I would have so many projects waiting for your MIL if I was you. I’d buy all the fabric and say here..I want curtains, a table cloth, etc

  2. Okay, okay…a few tips…I used to sew….in the old cave days, we would always wash and dry the fabric fast before we started sewing…the problem is that then you must iron it…but an iron is necessary to sew right…the placemats could have been done inside out first. To get the edges to lay flat as they are sewen with a little bit left to turn them right side out….clip the corners (trim seams–pinking shears)…Now when they are turned “right side” out you can sew the part left by hand….now you have placemats sitting there and you go back over and now sew the edge to make a nice decorative look…..
    If you have difficulty seeing how something is made you might conside taking something apart the kids have outgrown to see the construction… As to Patterns, choose something very simple like an apron, carry bag and complete one thing will give you confidence…..and take a class….

  3. Almost forgot…I stopped sewing when I bought really expensive material to sew a suit for work…jacket was coming along and I decided to start on the bias skirt…cut it out great, basted great, and then all of a sudden it ripped on the bias….ruined…it would have been cheaper to buy a suit!

  4. Like you, I do not know how to properly follow a pattern. I never learned, never took a class, in fact when the home-ec. turned to sewing, I dropped out and took shop! About 5 years ago I decided I could teach myself to sew, and I did! Have read tips and tricks from many advanced sewers and learned by trial and error. Which leads me to… I agree with Patricia on the washing and drying of new fabric. It is crucial! I do not wash in the machine, though, unless my fabric has a lot of yardage. I prefer to do a quick wash by hand to remove the sizing, then pop in the dryer to allow shrinkage so that my sewn items are washable without worry! Hand washing helps to prevent fraying and if I do have fabric with large yardage, I do a quick straight stitch which can later be removed or simply ignored. I hope this tip helps you!! 🙂

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