March Goals

Here are my goals for this month…

Do you have any plans for March?

And…do you have any suggestions for sunglasses you like that protect your eyes from the sun?


4 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. They are expensive, but Oakley’s have a great reputation. Doug’s work had a rep come in a do a demo…the military uses them and they have some sort of special lens to protect your eyes. We purchased Doug’s through Amazon…at the time it was the cheapest option. He just did a trial run at a kiosk and found the pair that fit the best and then ordered them online.

  2. I love my Ray Ban’s which I have had about 3 years since we went to Las Vegas. I have always worn sunglasses due to the fact that I wear contacts and my light eyes are somewhat light sensitive. I even wore them in the north when we had days of really bright sun and snow. My cost approximately $150 and were my Vegas gift. I did not buy anything else. For years, I bought cheap and that was okay, but aging demands better clear products and these work well for me.

  3. I’m impressed with all of your to-dos this month! Here’s to 31 days in this month 🙂 As for sunglasses, I have no suggestions. I need some. I have been eyeing Rayban Aviators for so long that they may be out of style soon…but oh well, one day I will get a nice pair of sunglasses. Need to get some contacts first though!

  4. Amanda,
    Contacts will give you an excuse for some good sunglasses!….I have Gas many people wear soft but I like mine. Now is probably a good time because by the time you get to forty and need bifocals, you can just continue to wear contacts–one long and one short distance one…and be the one in restaurants who can read menus without glasses.

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