George Ezra…Listen to the Man

My kids and I are really loving George Ezra’s music right now. Afternoon dance parties! Such a deep voice from a young guy of 22. To listen to his whole album go here. To watch his funny video with Ian McKellen and quite possibly my favorite Ezra song “Listen to the Man” right now, watch below (go ahead and click on the you tbe link when it asks).

And if you really loved him he’s coming to Dallas on Oct 4th and New Orleans on Oct 7th! Go see him and tell him I said hi!

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2 Responses to George Ezra…Listen to the Man

  1. Patricia Becker says:

    Love the fellow’s sound. It certainly is a swaying the hips and rocking side to side kind of tune. Cute video. Thanks for the info.

  2. Jess says:

    I had no idea that’s what he looked like, and so young! The voice doesn’t fit the body; interesting!