Outside Set

I don’t even tell my husband when I’m planning on a trip to the resale store.

It just stresses him out.

He begins envisioning long hours behind a sander and even more time with a paint brush in hand.

A few weeks ago I went and saw this for $39.99. (There were two cushions and a piece of glass,  I just forgot to take a picture before I started working on the set.)

I asked the guy if that was his final offer.

He said, “You can have it for $29.99 as long as you take it away today.”


Honestly, I have no idea if it was a decent bargain or not, I just knew I needed a place to park my rear end while my kids are playing outside. (Yes, I play with my kids outside but there are days when this mommy just wants to sit and flip through a magazine too.)

Please pardon the enormous, in your face pictures, I was having some technical difficulties (a.k.a. I wanted to hurry up and watch The Real Housewives).

Did I take the time to sand this puppy? No I did not.

I simply sprayed him with an outdoor gray spray and called it done.

I also found an outdoor fabric I loved for the chairs and placed it right over the existing green covers.

The final project on our new deck.

My rear end gives this project two cheeks up! Awful, I know.

Have you finished any recent house projects?

6 thoughts on “Outside Set

  1. I absolutely love the fabric…..the manufacturers do some many wonderful outside fabrics…we got an indoor outdoor rug last year for our deck and after a total year still looks great through rain and much sun…I actually recently bought an indoor/outdoor rug over our hardwoods in the living room…with an old dog a good idea.

  2. Pretty! What a great job you did =)
    PS-I visited your blog a while ago when you showed off your Kitchen gallery wall, on Friday I am adding a pic and link to it on my post. I hope to make a similar one in my kitchen someday! Thanks again for the inspiration!!

  3. I love the fabric you chose and especially the silver gray paint. I never think to paint outdoor furniture a color other than black. Maybe I need to venture out of my comfort zone? What a great find!

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