Anyone who knows me knows that I am totally hip and fashion forward.

I am on top of all the latest trends and can forecast the next big thing, like parachute pants and acid wash jeans.

No, I am not hip, fashion forward, or on top of any of the trends.

Some days I go to the mall in fear that Stacy and Clinton will jump out at me and stage a fashion intervention in the middle of The Gap.

Well folks…I’m hear to say I have made a step in the right direction.

It all started in Nordstrom’s when I started stalking the shoe department. I am not one of those people who receives a gift card and spends it immediately. I need to visit the item I’m considering on at least 5 separate occasions before I will commit to buying them.

It only took me a month and 3 visits this time.

I bought them last week.

shoeThey are very comfortable and…completely on trend. So says Elle Magazine, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen Magazine. I’m sure InStyle and the adult Vogue will be publishing about them any day now. But until then I’m holding onto Teen Vogue’s praise of my beloved.

I don’t think high heeled loving Stacy would be shouting, “Shut the front door!” when I walk out in my TOMS but I think it’s an improvement from flip flops (at least in the winter).

Of course the other reason I bought them is their policy of giving away one pair of shoes for every pair that’s purchased. Let’s face it. I’m a humanitarian changing the world.

Plus, I won’t lie. I feel a bit hip walking around in these shoes.

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